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I have big dreams...

but I also want to love the life I have NOW!

Life can be a trickster - dangling bright promises and delivering heartache, exhaustion, and mountains of laundry.  If you've ever looked around at the crazy and thought "this is not how I imagined my life," then pull up a chair and let's talk!


I've written my way through a lifetime of twists and turns, heroes and villains, dreams and despair, passion and perplexity (oh so much perplexity!) and I've learned that WORDS hold incredible power to reveal the 

beauty hidden in busy, messy, ordinary days

joy gently calling us to indulge 

love woven through every moment of our lives. 

                                         (yes, even that one) 

Hi, I'm Amy

I've been telling stories my whole life 

IMG_1907-removebg-preview (2).png

My own story began with a young woman cradling my tiny body for the last time, weeping as she released me to the unknown which felt safer than the known. From that moment, I've encountered such adventures as adopting our own five spunky children, serious illness, debilitating depression, (don't worry, the story gets better!) remembering long-buried dreams, relocating to the mountains of New York, becoming an innkeeper, surviving teenagers, and now enjoying our thriving businesses, adorable grandchildren, more travel (yay!) and writing. 

Along the way, each chapter has taught me that our stories matter!  You may feel that you live a very ordinary life, but if you read between the lines, you'll find the same mystery, courage, passion, and beauty that is woven through every great classic.  I'm so glad you're here and hope that the words you read will inspire you to fall in love with the life you're living while you write an even more beautiful story!

Healing Words

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