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Love on a Door Mat

It was COLD this morning. Burrow-deep-under-the-covers-cold. Since we had no guests, I looked forward to a leisurely start to the day, but someone didn't notify my dog. A little before 7am, she came snuffling under my warm blankets demanding to be put outside. After ignoring her for a few bleary-eyed moments, I pulled on my robe and slippers and staggered down the stairs to open the door to a heavily frosted world.

There, on the frozen door mat, lay one bright green, soft, heart-shaped leaf. Perfectly placed in front of the door as if tenderly laid there as a gift for me from some secret admirer.

I picked it up reverently ... knowing in an instant that there was no coincidence here. Nothing else was green in this motionless world of dried pine needles, dead grasses, barren branches ...

How did the leaf land on my doorstep?

Was this a sign of God's love?

A message from my long-passed mother?

A "thinking of you" from a friend?

A connection from someone far away?

I can imagine all of the possible sources ... but does it matter?

The truth is that I battled old demons last night. Late into the night, I cried, I searched, I journaled, I did my best to surrender until I fell asleep exhausted.

And Love sent me THIS!

It could be "from" anyone ... or everyone.

I like to think it is from everyone who loves me.

This thought comforts me.

It is not a perfect leaf and that seems right too, because we love one another so imperfectly. But we all try. Everyone is doing his/her best with what they have to give. Just as I am. Sometimes against great odds.

We are all together in this space - this actual place in God called LOVE where we can just BE and heal and hold one another in grace. What a gift!

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