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A blessing for you

I'm so honored that you are here

in this space I've created

for the love of life and words.


It's a miracle, really, when you think of the millenniums of movements -

minute and massive -

countless moments when someone could have chosen

a different path

that would have changed everything.


Perhaps your great, great, great, great, grandmother

Or mine.


But we are both here … now.


We are encircled

in the miracle of these precious lives

with all of their movements

and moments

their choices

and changes.


May we take a breath

(we could even take two)

and honor those who

labored and loved

to create for us

this time and space

we call life


And then may we go on into this day

with just a little more love

and energy

to create lives

that will move the mountains

for those who come



I love you, my dear reader.

Have a blessed day.

Amy Jae

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