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Ressources pour aimer la vie

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Free Chapter of

The Blessed Home


Begin learning simple methods to cleanse, reset, and bless the atmosphere of your home. 


Gather the Magic Newsletter


Stories and insights from  the mess and magic of life as an innkeeper, mom, & entrepreneur.


Home Blessing Planner


Create a unique and meaningful Blessing Ceremony to infuse your home with more peace & joy. 


Healing Words -Beautiful Life Podcast


A peak into my journals as I share words that helped me to heal and to create a beautiful life. 


Retreat & Heal in 

My Home


The Snow Goose B&B has become a haven for thousands.  I'd love to host you!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

A Blessing for You from Amy


Loving written to honor the brave & beautiful moments that have shaped us both.

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